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In this course I will share the Airtable base we use in our land business to manage Facebook ads and responses. I will start with a quick summary of the base and various tables within it. Then I will show you how and where you can get a copy of my Airtable base for use in your business. Next, we will go through each table in the base along with what data is stored, how the tables are linked, and more. Lastly, in the bonus content, I will take you through the step-by-step process of building an automation with Zapier to move your Facebook leads from the Airtable to Follow Up Boss and into Mailchimp.

Videos in this Course:

  1. Quick Summary Overview
  2. Install/Copy base
  3. Properties
  4. Property Counties/Marketplace Location
  5. FB Accounts
  6. Ad Copy
  7. Ads Posted
  8. Ad Responses
  9. PREMIUM CONTENT: Automate adding leads to Follow Up Boss (with bonus adding leads to Mailchimp) – Please note – This is a premium upgrade and is available for a one-time investment of $19.95.  To access this content, please click here

Get a copy of the Airtable FBM Ad Tracker Base

The Ad Tracker link can be found below – the password is fbm-20in-tracker